Maximizing Profits Through Operational Excellence

Funstruction Results project management offers the following services for new or established amusement facilities.  

Feasibility Study:  The feasibility study is a comprehensive look at the targeted market including current competition, customer demographics, customer spending ability, initial investment, product offering maximization, food, and beverage needs, and return on investment.  This study produces documentation which can be used to procure funding.

Facility Assessment:  The assessment service is twofold: first, a comprehensive look at the financial potential of new facilities or the financial performance of an existing facility.  Secondly, we vet ownership on vision, brand, and the ‘why’ of being in the amusement industry. Pairing these two factors together produces solid recommendations for attractions, game room mix, food and beverage conceptualization, and square footage efficiency resulting in the optimum cultural and financial performance of any facility.   

Design Implementation:  Capitalizing on the information provided by the feasibility study and the Facility Assessment, Funstruction Results will interact directly with the architect on facility layout.  This process provides proper traffic flow, best practices service parameters, operational performance, and guest check maximization while providing a customer experience built to create return business.

Equipment Procurement & Installation Coordination:  Funstruction Results will use its years of experience in the Amusement industry to procure your attractions and arcade games at the best possible price.  Our extensive list of satisfied clients can give testimony to large amounts of savings produced by this process. Once the equipment is procured, we will work directly with your contractor to provide exact specifications, footprints, and energy needs of each equipment group.  Delivery timelines will be determined based on facility readiness and contractor scheduling. We work directly with vendors on site during the installation process in order to ensure complete installations and proper training throughout the installation process. One of the most prevalent mistakes in the industry is the miscalculation of the installation process which results in delayed openings.

Technology Designation:  The Amusement Industry has a large number of technology choices when it comes to operating your business.  From Point of Sale choices to debit card systems for your game room to online store presence. Funstruction Results will analyze the needs of your facility, and walk you through the options you have in order to efficiently run your business.  With a wide array of feature sets, all at different price points, available in the marketplace, we will use our years of experience to guide you to the right software for your situation and negotiate with the vendors during the procurement process. Post procurement, this module includes the following services:

Technology Training:  We will work with you and the management team to set up the technology database for a smooth opening. Through this process, your management team will be trained on software configuration, reporting, and the tools available to implement operational profit excellence.  Knowing what information to look for, and applying this information to the daily operation of the business is paramount in driving net profits. This training also includes collaboration with your external accounting team in order to produce accurate company statements.  

Owner Training:  As an owner, whether hands-on or absentee, you need to be equipped with a certain knowledge base regarding the operational technology you are using in order to properly keep your management team accountable to business profitability.  We will keep it simple by training you what to look for and what tools you have available to accomplish your goals in an efficient manner.

Advertising and Marketing:  Building a brand for your business is vital for the staying power of your gross income.  From brand conceptualization to online presence to paper brochures, we will work closely with your artistic design team to maximize your marketing impact.  

Vendor Marketing:  Funstruction Results will work closely with your vendors to capture the marketing dollars that they have to offer you, and efficiently plan the usage of these dollars for mass media negotiations.  

Internal Signage Promotions:  Internal branding and signage can make a large impact on your customer base.  Whether static or digital, Funstruction Results will develop and implement an all-inclusive strategy for burning your brand into your guest mindset.  From play card design to a birthday party advertising to package presentation, consistency is key to increasing the average spend per visit.

Mass Media – Bringing Them In!!  Getting the word out can be overwhelming.  Through market analyzation, we will provide solid recommendations for initial visit marketing.  Offering a combination of mass media, print, and social marketing tools we will build a solid foundation for your business to get off to a good start.  Building on this foundation requires marketing maintenance and operational excellence.

Operational Implementation: This service is an all inclusive approach to operating your business, and it includes the following:

Culture: the most important aspect of any operation is the culture the company operates with. We will work directly with ownership to determine the desired culture in order to properly implement the culture into the operation. Resource Need Analyzation and Placement: determine the staffing (management & front line staff) needs of the facility based on size, number of attractions, operational hours, and budgeted gross sales. Once these levels are determined we will complete the process of interviewing and hiring your management staff and work with this group to properly hire your front line staff.

Documentation Creation: we create all necessary operational documentation including employee handbook, attraction operation manuals, training manuals, experience path station manuals, opening & closing documentation, cash handling policies, and birthday party manuals.

Management Training: Funstruction Results will train the ownership & management staff in best practices of all facility management including personnel management, leadership, operational efficiency, safety, train the trainer, customer service, and culture.

Front Line Staff Training: We will assist the management team in training the front line staff on all aspects of the operation, customer service best practices, safety, and culture.

On-site time requirements vary

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